Ridge Racer 7 review

Don't overlook this amazing arcade racer

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RR7 does introduce some cool new features, however. Most important is the addition of slipstreaming, which provides a nice counter to the classic RR strategy of blocking out an approaching car - in trying to stop him from passing, you may just give him just the boost he needs to leave you in the dust. Another welcome addition is the ability to upgrade your cars' engines, turbos, tires and other parts. This feature isn't as deep as in full-on tuner games, but there's just enough parts to allow for a nice amount of customization without slowing down the game's fast, arcade appeal. You can even customize the look of your rides with custom paint jobs and decals, which encourages a more personalized online experience. Speaking of which...

Online multiplayer in RR6 was a blast and it's been polished and improved for RR7. You can race up to 13 other players in a standard race, split the field into two teams, or race in pairs. You can also team up with a buddy to tackle Pair Time Attack and - as in single player time attack - go for a world record. Furthermore, you can put your skills to the ultimate test in special competitions that will be available for download. Racing online really gets the adrenaline flowing, especially since you can earn Fame Points and in-game cash (used to buy new parts) just as you can in single-player. Nothing beats drifting side-by-side with a dozen other cars around a long turn.

There is a massive offline mode as well, the Ridge State Gran Prix, which packs in over 160 races. This mode is the heart of the game, where you drive to impress car manufacturers, unlock a total of 40 different cars and take on 20 courses (40, if you count their reversed versions). With varying race rules and challenges, this mode can be incredibly addictive, always tempting you to put off sleep for just one more race.

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DescriptionFourteen players and some gorgeous car models - is it enough to make everyone forget RR6?
US censor rating"Everyone"
UK censor rating""
Alternative names"Ridge Racer VII"