Ridge Racer 4 coming to PSN as downloadable PSOne Classic

The Ridge Racer franchise is certainly trying to make a comeback. After releasing a new game in the series for mobile phones, announcing another title for the 3DS, andanother for 360/PS3, Namco is bringing the PSOne classic, Ridge Racer 4,to PS3 and PSP.

Ridge Racer Type 4 was originally releasedin May of 1999 and was one of the best-reviewed games in the series. It was the last Ridge Racer game for the original PlayStation system, and, in my opinion, the seriesstarted to go downhill after that. So for those like me, Type 4 symbolizes the best of the "true" Ridge Racer games, which were at their best on the PSOne.

"Ridge Racer Type 4 is a legend of arcade-style drift racing including 48 cars, eight tracks, legendary soundtrack, two-player split-screen and...... Reiko Nagase," wrote Namco in a statement.

The classic racer will be available sometime in March, but no exact date has been announced. Still, pretty exciting, right Sony Computer Entertainment presidentKaz Hirai?

Feb 16, 2010