Riders Republic and Skull and Bones will have in-game events aimed at tackling climate change

Riders Republic
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Riders Republic and Skull and Bones will have in-game events aimed at tackling climate change. 

Ubisoft is using two of its virtual offerings to highlight some very real issues. In collaboration with Playing for the Planet, the company will host in-game events in Riders Republic and the long-awaited Skull and Bones designed to raise awareness about the impact that climate change is having on our world.

As reported by Axios, sometime in late 2022 or early 2023, Riders Republic players will find parts of the game world ablaze. According to Ubisoft, the event won't be announced ahead of time. Instead, you'll log in one day and suddenly be met with an orange sky and "fire smoke" fog throughout the entire game. You'll be equipped with a gas mask, but some areas will be off limits due to their proximity to the blaze. As well as highlighting the dangers of wildfires, the event will encourage cooperation as players will have to work together to prevent Sequoia National Park from burning to the ground.

Similarly, Ubisoft is using its pirate-themed adventure Skull and Bones, which is rumoured to be launching in November, to host events highlighting the problems facing our oceans, such as overfishing. "Players will have the choice to contribute to marine wildlife protection and comprehend the destructive nature of the shark fin trade," the company says.

Ubisoft isn't the only one taking environmental issues seriously. In collaboration with the Arbor Day Foundation, PlayStation launched the Play and Plant program for Horizon Forbidden West, which saw it plant a tree for every player who unlocked the 'Reach the Daunt' trophy during the game's first few weeks on sale.

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