Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland's latest game is coming to Xbox and Switch soon

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Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland's new game, Trover Saves the Universe, is coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. The platformer/adventure game dropped for PC and PS4 back in May, and will come to Switch on November 28 and Xbox One on December 3. 

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I'm going to attempt to summarize the absurdity that is the plot of Trover Saves the Universe: a giant alien named Glorkon dognaps your adorable canines and sticks them in his eyes, giving him godlike powers that will let him jumpstart the apocalypse. You are a boring, useless couch surfer doomed to a life of banality who probably isn't going to do anything about your stolen pups, until Trover shows up and implores you to help him take down Glorkon. Is it a gamified episode of Rick and Morty? You bet.

Trover Saves the Universe will be available on both Switch and Xbox One at a 20% launch discount, albeit without the VR support available on PC and PS4. Both consoles will get the two free DLC packs released previously: Important Cosmic Jobs, which took you to Trover's place of work, added the Space Slam arcade game, and unlocked some special Roiland comedy sketches, and Jopo Mode, which debuted a new playable character. The existing PS4 and PC versions of the game are currently 30% off at select retailers as part of a Black Friday deal. 

If you're looking for a little more weird in your life, you've found it in Trover Saves the Universe.

There's nothing weird about these Black Friday game deals, we promise.  

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