Rian Johnson wants to direct Doctor Who


Looper finally hits cinemas this Friday. We loved it so much we called it "This decade's Matrix ." Which it definitely, definitely is. It's also this decade's Terminator , Akira , and 12 Monkeys .

And we love Looper 's director, Rian Johnson, even more than all of those things.

So, imagine our excitement when we were scrolling through Reddit's recent AMA with Johnson and came across the following - glorious - quote.

When asked what TV show he'd love to guest-direct an episode of, he said: "What I'd really kill to try, although it would be terrifying because I'm such a big fan of it? Doctor Who ."

The director of Looper directing an episode of Doctor Who ?

You may well already know how we feel about that idea, because there's every chance you heard the sound of us bellowing: "Yes please, that would be very nice," at the top of our voices about five minutes ago.

The pairing would make complete sense - the current incarnation of Who mixes The Brothers Bloom's hipster quirk with Looper 's serious take on time travel SF, and Johnson's Breaking Bad episode is still regarded as a firm fan favourite.

With Doctor Who 's 50th Anniversary around the corner, and with Peter Jackson also expressing a desire to direct an episode , would it be too much to ask the BBC to tear up whatever plans they have for next year and just let these two men do whatever they want for a season or ten?

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