Rhythm-action hero returns

Gitaroo Man is headed for PSP, according to Sony's Japanese retail site. Known as Gitaroo-Man Live!, this return is heading for Japanese stores on May 25.

The handheld installment will update the overlooked original. Released in 2000, it was a fantastically insane rhythm-action title that centered on a guitar-playing superhero, U1, who wailed his way through incredibly funky tunes in battles with absurd enemies. It never achieved worthy popularity, but it's still remembered fondly, even after the recent appearance of Guitar Hero on PS2.

Gitaroo-Man Live! will see the original's visual and audio producers returning to inject as much groovy madness into the game as possible, and is rumored to include wireless guitar stand-offs, as well as a brand-new duet mode for those who just want to get along.

April 18, 2006

Above: Expect extreme weirdness from the PSP Gitaroo-Man