Revolution will outsell the Xbox 360

We're already well into 2006 and people are still making resolutions. In this case it's a company, not an individual, that's promising to improve itself. Nintendo, specifically. Reggie Fils-Aime, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Nintendo of America, predicts the company's new mantra and unique hardware will propel the Revolution beyond the Xbox 360's launch period sales numbers. His interview with CNET revealed some of Nintendo's outlook for the entire year.

Reggie commented on the rising cost of game development and how it will only further alienate the casual player along with new programmers. To this end he says the upcoming Revolution will curb that upward trend by homing in on gameplay and innovative content rather than a magical, do-it-all graphics box. As you may know, the Revolution won't be supporting high definition graphics (other than the lowly 480p) and that too should keep costs down. It all adds up to a plan designed to "bring as many new consumers into this industry as possible."

Would you believe Nintendo also plans to focus on creating the best games on the market this year? While that bit of news is anything but, Reggie reaffirmed the company's stance on hitting the mass market and appealing to everyone under the sun, from the hardcore gamers to Mommy Dearest who hasn't played a game since she last visited a bowling alley in the '80s. It was Defender, by the way.

Brett Elston

A fomer Executive Editor at GamesRadar, Brett also contributed content to many other Future gaming publications including Nintendo Power, PC Gamer and Official Xbox Magazine. Brett has worked at Capcom in several senior roles, is an experienced podcaster, and now works as a Senior Manager of Content Communications at PlayStation SIE.