Retro-inspired JRPG Sea of Stars passes certification ahead of launch

Sea of Stars
(Image credit: Sabotage)

Sea of Stars has officially passed certification, paving the way for its launch later this month.

The retro-inspired RPG is set to finally release towards the end of the month on August 29. Considering this, Sea of Stars effectively passed certification across all platforms with precisely two weeks to go until launch, so if you were worried about its release date slipping, you've nothing to fear.

Sea of Stars really had its work cut out in terms of certification, all things considered. The RPG from Sabotage Studios is launching across PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch systems, which is a hell of a lot of work for its developers to make sure it's up to scratch across all seven platforms.

Elsewhere, we also now know how much Sea of Stars will set us back by at launch. The price for the new RPG, in the US at least, is $34.99, which translates to £29.50 for UK players, and €33.99 for European players, so at least we know how much we'll have to scrounge together by later this month. 

However, there's a neat little way to get around this price tag, sort of. Sea of Stars will be a day one launch game for both the PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass subscription services, so if you're subscribed to either system, the RPG will be ready and waiting for you to download it right from the jump on August 29.

Sabotage Studios recently revealed in a new interview that Sea of Stars is only happening because of The Messenger's success. The smash-hit Metroidvania from 2018 allowed the studio to go full steam ahead on its RPG, and we're incredibly thankful things worked out in favor of the new game.

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Hirun Cryer

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