Resistance series receives a bullseye shot to the temple, is no more, says Insomniac's CEO

Insomniac has already brought the curtain down on the Resistance series according to their CEO, Ted Price. Speaking to VG247 at the Games::Business::Law Summit 2012 Price said that the former Sony exclusive developer 'would not be making any more Resistances'.

Fans will no doubt be saddened by this news, and to be honest we thought that the third game was the start of big things to come from the FPS franchise, but Insomniac clearly feel they've done all they can with the alien heavy shooter.

However, this shouldn't come as such a surprise as Insomniac revealed at E3 2011 that they'd signed a deal with EA to develop the mysterious, multi-format title, Overstrike, featuring this lot...

Above: Anyone else getting a Team Fortress 2 vibe about this image? No? Just us then

With this new IP on the way, and with Ratchet & Clank still alive and kicking, something has to give for Insomniac, so it makes sense really.

Even though the demise of the Resistance franchise seems to have been written, there's still one glimmer of hope for the fans - it's only Insomniac who are done with the series. This could mean that they're willing to farm it out to another developer for any new games. This option fills us with dread, mind. We'd rather it was completely dead than have our happy memories of the previous games ruined by a lukewarm sequel.