Resident Evil Village opening has potentially been revealed by known leaker

Resident Evil 8
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Information regarding the opening sections of Resident Evil Village appears to have leaked online.

In a series of tweets, known Resident Evil leaker Dusk Golem described some of the cutscenes and gameplay that feature in the opening 30 minutes of the upcoming game. While there's no guarantee that the leaker's description is entirely accurate, consider this your potential Resident Evil Village spoiler warning - you might not want to read on if you're hoping to go into the game knowing nothing.

Resident Evil Village

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Still here? Let's take a look at the tweets...

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Asked whether Village would have a similar intro scene to the "all-out assault" featured in Resident Evil 4 and 5, Dusk Golem said "kinda, but not the same exactly." They go on to explain that the game begins inside Ethan and Mia Winters' home, which players can explore. That eventually leads to the scene from last year's reveal trailer featuring Chris Redfield.

In that scene, Chris shoots Mia several times, and the trailer ends. In the game, Chris will then take Ethan and his daughter Rose away from their house by car, which he later crashes. Waking up in a "dark, snowy forest," Ethan will then have to look for a phone, before stumbling upon "a weird, torn up house."

Dusk Golem admits that after this point "things get a bit shaky in timeline of what I know, but eventually you get into the stuff from [the] 1st trailer where an old man gets caught by Lycan." Unfortunately, however, it sounds like everyone's favorite giant vampire woman - Lady Dimitrescu - won't be showing up until later in the game.

While we'll need to wait until Resident Evil Village releases in May to establish how accurate this synopsis is, it's worth pointing out that Dusk Golem has offered impressive accuracy with their prior leaks, having revealed Resident Evil 8 ahead of Capcom's official announcement last year, so there could be more than a grain of truth to this description. 

If its recent predecessors are anything to go by, Resident Evil 8 could be heading for a spot on our list of the best horror games.

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