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Resident Evil Village launch trailer prepares you for the terror that awaits

Resident Evil Village review
(Image credit: Capcom)

The Resident Evil Village launch trailer is here before the game’s release tomorrow.

Resident Evil Village launches worldwide on May 7, and Capcom has released one more short trailer on YouTube (opens in new tab) to keep us entertained until the launch. It’s a short and sweet trailer, running for just over 30 seconds and it’s basically a montage of scenes with some cryptic dialogue running over the top, but we get to see a few new scenes.

There's a lot of the locations and characters that will be cropping up in Resident Evil Village, including a broody looking Chris Redfield with a team of special forces soldiers and a load of shots of the game’s snowy village setting. Playing over the trailer is some dialogue between Resident Evil Village’s protagonist Ethan Winters and a mysterious female voice. It’s not the tall lady, but beyond that, her identity isn’t known yet.

We won’t spoil anything for you here, but we’ve already run Resident Evil Village through its paces, so check out our Resident Evil Village review to see our full thoughts on Ethan Winters’ latest adventure.

If you’re worried that the game is going to be too spooky for you, you needn’t worry though, as Series Producer Tsuyoshi Kanda recently explained that Resident Evil Village was designed around feedback that Resident Evil VII was “too scary to play”. While that’s obviously a compliment for any horror game, the team has attempted to ease up on the tension a little in this follow-up game.

Want more jump scares and cosmic monstrosities in your life? Then check out our best horror games roundup. 

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