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Resident Evil Village is apparently being sold two weeks early in Australia

Resident Evil Village
(Image credit: Capcom)

Resident Evil Village has been spotted in the wild in Australia following an apparent street date break. 

Twitter user Kaiser499 shared images of a physical copy of the game on Twitter, and we know it's from an Australian store given its R18+ rating. This isn't the first time that the street date for a major game has been broken – Cyberpunk 2077, for instance, was purchasable ahead of schedule – but it is one of the earliest leaks in recent memory. It seems Kaiser499 obtained their PS5 copy of Resident Evil Village today, April 22, just over two weeks ahead of the game's official release date of May 7. 

As is always the case with broken street dates, fans looking forward to playing the game themselves should be especially on guard against spoilers in the coming weeks since people are playing the game early. The day-one patch won't be available, but early copies often run fairly well regardless, so story details and cutscenes could very well appear online before the game's release. We haven't seen any more copies in the wild, nor have we seen copies for other platforms, so it's possible this street date break will be fairly contained. Nevertheless, set up those Twitter filters now, folks. 

While you wait for the official launch, have a look through this extended Resident Evil Village demo gameplay to pick up on all the little details you probably missed while rushing through the demo yourself. Seriously, Capcom, timed demos were outdated years ago, and they're not a great way to experience a game like this, as our own Josh West explains. 

A few Aussies playing it early won't stop us from speculating about what's really going on in the mountains of Resident Evil Village.

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