Watch this Resident Evil Village demo gameplay to see what you missed

Resident Evil village
(Image credit: Capcom)

If you want to see all the Resident Evil Village demo gameplay without messing with the 30 minute time limit, we got you.  As well as the Resident Evil Village demo walkthrough, which can help find everything in the 30 minute time limited demo, we've also got straight up Resident Evil Village gameplay of everything that happens, and just about everything you can find, see or do. 

This 'Gameplay' Demo is the first of two Resident Evil Village demo options being released as part of a convoluted roll out. You can only play this, and a soon to follow 'Castle' demo next week, for half an hour in various eight hour windows at the appointed times (detailed in that last link). That's followed another demo outing where you can play both for a combined 60 minutes, to be used wherever you want - so a 30 minute split between the two, or one for an hour and so on. It's an odd way of doing things and entirely possible to blow your change by missing something or not having enough time to see things through to the end. 

So, because of that we've got this 27 minute gameplay that finds just about everything, as well as sees the full story. In it, Ethan Winters has just arrived in the Village and sets off to find his kidnapped daughter, Rose. As he explores he finds a place decimated by monsters, and a few doomed survivors trying to fight off the inevitable.