Resident Evil Village is getting DLC, a third-person mode, and playable Lady Dimitrescu in October

Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose is an upcoming DLC pack to be included in the game's just-announced Gold Edition, launching on October 28.

The first big Resident Evil Village expansion will be bundled into the Gold Edition along with new Mercenaries content titled "Additional Orders" and a new third-person mode that pulls back the camera and lets you actually see Ethan Winters as you guide him through the game. 

Curiously, unlike the main game which launched as a first-person only experience, the Rosemary DLC will be third-person only, featuring Ethan Winters' daughter Rosemary as the playable protagonist.

All of this was revealed during today's not-E3 2022 Capcom showcase, which gave us some cinematics and story details for the Shadows of Rose DLC. As you might expect from the title, it centers around Rosemary Winters, who is now fully grown and struggling to navigate life with the supernatural powers she was born with. To free herself from this "curse," she enters into the Megamycete realm of consciousness, where she meets her doppelganger and a guiding force who goes by Michael. In this realm you're faced with not only your typical hostile, gnashing monsters, but also a world that wants you dead just as much.

Mercenaries: Additional Orders will add a few familiar faces to the multiplayer mode's roster of playable characters:  Resident Evil 7 boss Heisenberg, protagonist Chris Redfield, and none other than the leggy Lady Dimitrescu, who will let you stare down your poor, poor enemies from nine feet up in the air.

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