Resident Evil Revelations season pass spotted

A Resident Evil Revelations season pass will include access to four post-launch DLC packs, a Steam listing for the game has revealed. It reads: "Fight the fear with more weapons and more characters! Expand your RAID mode experience with the Resident Evil Revelations Season Pass which includes 4 pieces of additional content. *Content will be revealed and available shortly after the game's release."

On Steam, the season pass is one of three unlockables that open to players depending on how many customers pre-purchase the HD remake of last year’s 3DS game. The first reward, an art book and soundtrack, is already unlocked, while Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is the second and the season pass is the third.

The exact content of the season pass, whether it will be released on other platforms and how much it will cost standalone isn’t clear. A Capcom representative wouldn’t comment on season pass plans when approached today. The publisher has announced a Resident Evil: Revelations release date of May 21 in the US and May 24 in the UK on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC.

We said in our original 3DS Resident Evil Revelations review: “Out of everything available on the 3DS, Resident Evil Revelations is a high profile effort that stands above most of the software you’ll find out there. The thoroughly M-rated adventure fulfills nearly every desire of RE fans, simultaneously fitting the new handheld perfectly thanks to a new episodic approach to storytelling. It’s not a huge leap forward for the series, but it does prove that even on a handheld, Resident Evil can still be a good time.”