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Resident Evil is joining the Dead by Daylight universe this June

The logo Dead by Daylight
(Image credit: Behaviour Studios)

Resident Evil will join the Dead by Daylight universe this June, as announced during today's Resident Evil Showcase.

The teaser trailer for the crossover starts with a blood-soaked Umbrella Corp. badge (which will be an exclusive charm) falling to the ground, while a man screams in agony. The unknown screaming man is shown hanging from a device in the middle of a wooded area, as something emitting strange gurgles closes in on him. He screams in pain, and the screen fades to black, presenting the logos for Dead by Daylight and the Resident Evil 25h Anniversary crossover. 

Behaviour Interactive's Creative Director Mathieu Cote appeared after the teaser, congratulating Resident evil on 25 years of horror, before pointing out that Dead by Daylight has become something of a horror Hall of Fame. 

There are no details on which Resident Evil character will be a part of this new Dead By Daylight character, but expect it to be iconic. This is a crossover that's been a long time coming, but with last year's asymmetrical multiplayer game Resident Evil Resistance receiving middling reviews and a low player count, it's interesting that Capcom is now throwing their franchise in with a successful asymmetrical horror game.

More details about the Resident Evil x Dead by Daylight crossover will come during the latter's 5th anniversary broadcast, airing May 25. The broadcast will reveal more of the Resident Evil chapter due to join Dead by Daylight this June 2021. It's unlikely Dead by Daylight's Resident Evil chapter will add another incredibly sexy killer like the Trickster - the K-pop killer who joined the game in early March - but a girl can dream. 

The Resident Evil x Dead by Daylight crossover wasn't the only thing announced during today's Resident Evil Showcase, we got a brand new Resident Evil 8 trailer to hold us over. 

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