Dead by Daylight's K-pop killer is here to teach the "high art" of murder

Update: Dead by Daylight's sultry K-pop star is officially the latest killer to join the game with today's launch of the new All-Kill chapter.

The Trickster is an accomplished K-pop star moonlighting as a ruthless killer in Dead by Daylight. Dead by Daylight: All-Kill tells the story of The Trickster, as well as his ambitious and suspecting producer, who are both inexplicably pulled into the Fog to join Dead by Daylight's other killers and survivors.

"Inspired by the high energy and vivid aesthetics of this global phenomenon, the team brought to life an adrenaline-pumping chapter that oozes with style and blood," explains creative director Dave Richard.

Behaviour Interactive brought in two notable K-pop figures to work with on the expansion and ensure the content is faithful to the culture. Singer Kevin Woo from U-KISS and award-winning producer DJ Swivel both acted as consultants on Dead by Daylight: All-Kill. 

"I love how this chapter captures all the amazing elements of K-Pop including the eye-catching visuals of the characters, addictive music, and cultural backdrop with a horror twist," said Woo. "I have no doubt that the K-Pop community will fall in love with this chapter as much as I did and I hope people who aren’t familiar with K-Pop will get introduced to it through the All-Kill chapter."

Alongside the two new characters and storyline, there's a new collection of Korean streetwear-inspired outfits available in the in-game store. The Seoul Sights Collection includes the Seoul Socialite for Yun-Jin, the Cut Thru U Performance for The Trickster, and some other outfits for Adam Francis, Feng Ming, Felix Richter, Élodie Rakoto, and Dwight Fairfield. 

Dead by Daylight: All-Kill is available now on Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia. The mobile version is coming sometime in the Spring.

Original story:

The newest Dead by Daylight Killer is the Trickster, a sexy K-pop star that has the Internet crushing hard. The Resident Evil Village Vampire Lady (AKA Lady Dimitrescu) has some stiff competition when it comes to her current reign as the unofficially most thirsted after video game character of 2021. 

Social media has been buzzing with conversations about how undeniably sexy the Trickster is, with Dead by Daylight fans making fan art and Fan Cams for him. I first stumbled upon gaming's latest thirst trap on my TikTok For You Page yesterday, and promptly dropped down a rabbit hole of endless thirst. It's like the Sahara desert out there.


Okay I won’t uninstall it #deadbydaylight#dbd#horror#pcgamer#fyp#kpop#pvp#dbdtiktok#pcgames#idol

♬ satisfaction - ♡

The Trickster is definitely hot - he has an absolutely gorgeous lilac/grey undercut, a bright yellow overcoat that's unbuttoned to show off his ripped torso, and low-rise magenta dress pants. He is fantastically accessorized with a single dangle earring and layered necklaces. His disturbing yellow eyes and blood-spattered face are not stopping anyone from thirsting after him, and to be honest, he is incredibly hot - and he knows it, as he's constantly running his hand through his hair and jauntily jutting out one hip. Considering he's joining a roster of Killers that wear scary masks and crusty hoodies, there's not much competition amongst his fellow murderers - but it doesn't take away from the man's overall attractiveness.

As Polygon writes, "everyone wants Dead by Daylight's new Killer to step on them". I hate to admit that I would not be opposed to some light stepping. And while that won't happen because this is a fictional character, I've now gone ahead and downloaded Dead By Daylight because I need to see what the fuss is all about.

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