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Resident Evil Village has a freaky new story trailer with vampires, werewolves, and Big Chris

A new Resident Evil Village story trailer kicked off Capcom's Resident Evil showcase event today, teasing more about Ethan Winters' dangerous journey into a distant village.

The trailer comes in at just under three minutes long, and it begins with a sweeping view of the village in the mountains: lovely mountain peaks in the background, picturesque clouds over castle spires in the middle distance, and four giant statues of crowned, robed figures in the foreground. You know, village things. At the center of the space marked out by the statues is a pedestal that depicts a set of family crests with a simplified version of the Umbrella logo at the center.

Then the trailer takes us back to the first-person perspective of our hero Ethan Winters, a radio transmission offering aid to "any survivors" playing in the background. Survivors of what? It's not clear, but there are plenty of dangers to choose from in the rest of the trailer, including more of those grizzly-looking Lycans and the towering vampire lady herself, who samples some of Ethan's blood "to see how special" he is.

Other threats depicted in the trailer include a sea monster and the hulking form of Chris Redfield, who is looking no more happy to be here than when we saw him executing Ethan's wife Mia. Or seemingly executing her, we all know by now that it's folly to take at face value any major Resident Evil character death that isn't preceded by battle against at least three of their increasingly grotesque bio-weapon forms.

Resident Evil 8 is coming in May, and if you want more to tide you over until then you can check out these new gameplay trailers showing off more enemies and the hunting and weapon upgrade systems. 

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