Resident Evil 6 gets camera tweaks, Ada Wong co-op in December

Resident Evil 6 sold quite well, despite some mixed critical reception. But Capcom isn't just cutting and running from the longest, most over-the-top entry in its horror series yet. In fact, it has a free update planned for mid-December which will add a new difficulty setting, a co-op partner for lonesome Ada Wong, and even tweaked camera options to the game.

Capcom outlined the updates on its Unity Blog this week, the most notable of which is likely a new, pulled-back camera setting. The default view will still be available, but players who want a wider field of vision, or a better look at Leon's tush (hey, he's not a bad looking guy in a late-90s-Leo-DiCaprio sort of way), should be pleased.

Ada Wong's campaign will be unlocked from the beginning, instead of requiring players to finish Leon, Chris, and Jake's. She won't have to go it alone any more, either, as the patch will add in a generic spec-ops co-op fellow for bioweapon slaying with friends. Mr. Tacticool is similarly optional for those who want the original, solitary experience.

Lastly, the game will get a No Hope difficulty above the current Professional, for players who want an additional challenge. Unfortunately, there's still no word on when the game's competitive multiplayer paid DLC will make an appearance.

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