Resident Evil 4's most dreaded encounter is returning in the remake

Resident Evil 4 remake
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Resident Evil 4 remake is resurrecting the original game's most dreaded and divisive sequence.

That would be the knife fight with Krauser, taking place towards the end of the original Resident Evil 4. Unfortunately, or fortunately for some, a recent Game Informer article confirmed the return of Krauser for the Resident Evil 4 remake, bringing back Leon S. Kennedy's long-time rival once again for another round.

You might think that the existence of Krauser doesn't guarantee his infamous knife fight will return. In the video from Game Informer just below though, Yasuhiro Ampo and Yoshiaki Hirabayashi confirm that the island where the knife fight with Krauser takes place is back in the remake, basically the same as it was in the original game.

This guarantees that Krauser's climactic knife fight will return for Resident Evil 4 remake. You'd be forgiven for assuming the fight with Krauser wouldn't be coming back for the remake though, given the news earlier this year that Resident Evil 4 remake would be ditching QTE sequences entirely.

Given that Krauser's famed fight is entirely based on QTEs, one would assume the battle would be cut alongside the feature. That's not the case, as Resident Evil 4 remake devs previously unveiled the ability to parry with Leon's knife, meaning the fight will likely be based around parries instead of QTEs this time.

Still, the return of Krauser's knife battle will both delight and infuriate long-time Resident Evil 4 fans. Back in the day, the battle split fan's opinions, with some saying that it effectively jumped the shark, meaning Chris Redfield punching a boulder out of the way with his bare hands in Resident Evil 5 wasn't really a surprise after this.

On the other hand, some players loved Krauser's battle as just another stage in the incredibly campy and over-the-top adventure. I personally fall into this category - the knife fight is such a brilliant way of communicating Leon and Krauser's rivalry, and perfectly meshes into the tone Resident Evil 4 goes for in silly action movie.

Will Resident Evil 4 remake's island section go down a treat with fans, or become hated once again? It could very well be both, just like the original game.

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