Resident Evil 4 remake has a weird bug on PS5, but Capcom is working on a fix

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Resident Evil 4 remake has a slight visual issue on PS5, but Capcom is already working on a fix.

"We have confirmed an issue where players may experience flickering lights at the bottom of their screen while playing the PS5 version of the game while certain settings are selected," the main announcement from Capcom reads just below. The developer doesn't actually say what these "settings" are, but they're clearly the root of the problem here.

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The best option for those experience the issue is to save and restart Resident Evil 4 remake, because turning it off and on again never hurt anyone. If that sure-fire method doesn't work, Capcom recommends turning off the depth of field entirely, or setting the game's motion blur settings to 'on,' if it wasn't enabled already.

Apparently these methods can temporarily fix the flashing lights issue on PS5, but they're not ideal. Capcom's promising the issue will be remedied in a "future update" though, so at least the developer is well aware of what's going on, and has already set about working on a fix.

However, it seems this isn't the only issue Resident Evil 4 remake players are experiencing. In the responses to Capcom's tweet above, there's a fair few players requesting a fix for the "Xbox Deadzone issues." No one really goes into detail on what this is, but a "deadzone" is the area that an analog stick can move without it triggering a reaction in the game itself.

Perhaps the Xbox's dead zone on its controllers are too big for players right now. This is definitely a weird one, and we'll have to keep an eye out on Capcom's social media channels to see if the developer has a fixed lined up for this issue as well.

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