Reservoir Dogs trailer shows its face

Eidos has released a trailer of its forthcoming action game, Reservoir Dogs, giving us a sneaky glimpse of what happened during the infamous heist that was the unseen centerpiece of the entire film.

The action game is based on the 1991 Quentin Tarantino film, but will concentrate on the events that weren't seen in the movie and so will hopefully provide a few answers to such questions as: just how psycho did Mr. Blonde actually get? Where did Mr. Pink hide the loot? And what happened to Mr. Blue?

The game is split between the six felons and played out in non-chronological order. There will be a rating system so you can judge your performance in each level to see if you're a Mr. Blonde (a psycho) or a Mr. White (professional).

Click the Movies tab above to check out the rather bloody trailer and to hear the cement-truck-full-of-boulders rasp of Michael Madsen, who has signed up to provide the voice for his character in the film, Mr. Blonde.

July 31, 2006