Relic working on RPG

Developer Relic, which rose to prominence based upon theBattlestar Galactica-styled PC space wargame Homeworld,is currently working on a possible two new games according to the recruitment section of publisher THQ's website.

THQ acquired Relic back in 2004 after the development studio had made its name in the world of real-time strategies. Since then it has created Company of Heroes and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War for THQ, both of which we scoredvery highly. Now, Relicseems to be branching out in terms of the types of game it's prepared to tackle.

First came the WWII action game The Outfit and now it seems an RPG is on the way. Relic has two recruitment ads online, one looking for developers experienced in RPGs and the other looking for developers with MMO experience, so it isn't clear if there are two projects or just the one.

Unfortunately, there are no clues as to what subject matter or world these new projects will take place in but we'll monitor developments closely.

November 29, 2006