Rek-Rap returns to fight the Grave Goblin in Amazing Spider-Man #36

Amazing Spider-Man #36 pages
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The current volume of Amazing Spider-Man started with the question "What did Spider-Man do?", implying a dark deed in Peter Parker's past. But now, almost 36 issues into the run, that question has a new answer, as Peter was recently overcome with the oppressive evil of Norman Osborn's dormant Green Goblin personality, thanks to some strange magic from Kraven the Hunter and Queen Goblin.

Now, Peter Parker is dealing with the fallout from his subsequent rampage, in which he brutally attacked Kraven, and even tried to kill Mary Jane Watson's current boyfriend Paul (who, unfortunately for his many, many haters, lives on).

However, a new preview of Amazing Spider-Man #36 from writer Zeb Wells, penciler Ed McGuiness, inker Mark Farmer, colorist Marcio Menyz, and letterer Joe Caramagna focuses on Peter Parker's bizarre Limbo duplicate Rek-Rap, as he attempts to disguise himself as a private investigator before running afoul of his own arch-foe, the Grave Goblin. 

Meanwhile, Peter Parker tries to smooth things out between New York City mayor Luke Cage and Limbo's ruler Madelyne Pryor as they deal with the fallout from Peter's rampage, and from Rek-Rap's bizarre presence in the Marvel Universe. Of course, Peter is no stranger to dealing with doppelgangers and clones who try to replicate and replace him.

Here's the preview of interior pages from Amazing Spider-Man #36:

"Spider-Man has never gone this dark. Now the consequences are unraveled," reads Marvel's official description of Amazing Spider-Man #36. "Will New York ever look at him the same way again?"

Amazing Spider-Man #36 goes on sale October 25 with a cover from interior artist Ed McGuiness.

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