Reilly ready to Walk Hard

It seems that starring alongside Will Ferrell in a bona fide frat pack flick will do wonders for your comedy career.

Having hit the high-notes in warble-fest Chicago, Ferrell’s Talladega Nights cohort John C Reilly is now set to portray fictional singing legend Dewey Cox in the music-based biopic spoof, Walk Hard.

40 Year Old Virgin scribbler/helmer Judd Apatow teamed up with Orange County lenser Jake Kasdan and pitched the idea to an impressed Columbia Pictures.

“It's an idea Jake had after seeing one too many musical biopics and feeling it was time to have some fun with that,” Reilly told Variety. “My character is an amalgamation of a number of classic musician stories, tales of excess, highs and lows and bad behaviour.”

Hmm… what are the odds on a scene-stealing cameo from Mr Ferrell?

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