Reichenbach Falls

The BBC's released further details of BBC Four's latest one-off drama, Reichenbach Falls, which airs soon. Turns out this crime thriller has a surreal, supernatural edge to it. For one thing, it sees Richard Wilson put, ahem, another foot in the grave by playing the ghost of Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle! (that'll explain the title, then...)

Based on an idea by novelist Ian Rankin, the storyline sees Edinburgh cop DI Buchan investigating a 100 year-old cold case. "The investigation takes him into the dark Jekyll-and-Hyde underworld of Edinburgh", it says here, "and on a parallel journey into the Scottish capital's literary past that leads him to question the very nature of his own existence." It's not Hollyoaks, then.

Alastair Mackenzie plays Jack Harvey, Buchan's former best friend, who's now a successful crime novelist... and Buchan's arch-enemy, a criminal known as The Monkey. According to Mackenzie, "In the beginning, you think you're on this familiar rollercoaster ride of a detective story and then slowly, but surely, Jim Buchan's life starts to fall apart and he begins to question his very existence. So we then slip into this unfamiliar territory of the historical and the supernatural and that's what's so great about BBC Four, because they are prepared to push a few boundaries with these really audacious and ingenious scripts."

Sounds intriguing, doesn't it? You can catch Reichenbach Falls on Thursday 3 March.