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Still containing the power to shock today (if only because of Michael Douglas’ jumpers), the Basic Instinct DVD also has some great hidden screen tests – if you only know where to look.

Jeanne Tripplehorn Screen Test

Go into ‘Setup’; highlight ‘Surround Sound 5.0’; press the RIGHT ARROW to highlight the ice-pick; press ENTER to see Jeanne Tripplehorn’s screen tests.

Sharon Stone Screen Test

Go into ‘Special Features’; press the RIGHT ARROW to highlight another ice pick; press ENTER to see several of Sharon Stone’s screen tests.


Not the greatest deluxe edition we’ve ever seen, but two Eggs add value.

Oompa-Loompa Animatic (1)

Insert disc two; Go to ‘Activities’; go to ‘Golden Ticket Game’; complete the game and you’ll be treated to an animatic of Oompa-Loompa’s first dance and song.

Oompa-Loompa Animatic (2)

Go to ‘Features’; highlight ‘Main Menu’; press the DOWN ARROW to see a W; press ENTER for another animatic.


If there’s a lesson to be learned from Dogma, it’s know your limits. That and NEVER cast Alanis Morrisette as God. Cool Eggs, mind.

Hidden Messages

Insert disc one; highlight ‘Play Movie’; press the LEFT ARROW to reveal ‘Don’t Play Movie’; press ENTER to get one of five messages.

How Jay Thinks Kevin Directs

Select ‘Scene Selections’; press ENTER; go to the last page of scenes; press 3 three times to see ‘How Jay Thinks Kevin Directs’ re-enacted by Jay and Silent Bob toys.

How Kevin Directs

Insert disc two; select ‘Deleted Scenes’; press ENTER; go to the final page of deleted scenes; press ‘2’; press ‘4’ to see how Kevin directs Jay, recreated with action figures.


Joss Whedon’s Western in space is indispensable for Browncoats (Serenity fans), and this Egg is essential for anyone who likes a laugh.

Hero Of Cantan

Insert disc four; go to ‘Special Features’; select ‘More’; highlight ‘Joss Whedon Sings The Firefly Theme Song’; press the LEFT ARROW; press ENTER to see Adam Baldwin singing the Hero Of Cantan song. Badly.


Kevin Smith’s farewell to Jay and Bob wasn’t as final as we thought (they return this year for Clerks Two), but the movie’s amusing enough.

Jason’s Balls

Insert disc two; go to the second page of ‘Special Features’; select ‘Cast And Crew Filmographies; press ENTER; select ‘Jason Mewes As Jay; press ENTER; highlight ‘Filmographies’; press the UP ARROW to reveal the word ‘Balls’; press ENTER for an outtake.

James L Venable

Insert disc two; go to the second page of ‘Special Features’; select ‘Cast And Crew Filmographies’; press ENTER; go to the second page of filmographies; select ‘James L Venable; press ENTER; press ‘19’ to highlight James’ birthdate; press ENTER to see the clip.


For those of you that operate under the misconception that the Farrelly Brothers invented the bad-taste comedy, we insist you get hold of this little bit of Mel Brooks perfection ASAP.


Insert the ‘Movie’ side of the disc; highlight ‘Play Movie’; press the LEFT ARROW to highlight the ‘18’ on the ticket; press ENTER for some soundbites from the dubbing session.

More Soundbites

Follow the instructions above; if you select ’17’, ‘C’, ‘9’, ‘1968’ or ‘$8.50’ you’ll be treated to different soundbites from the dubbing sessions.


Highlight ‘Play Movie’; then press the UP ARROW in order to highlight ‘Springtime For Hitler’; press ENTER to access an animation of Lee Meredith’s infamous dance.


If someone tries to reveal the twist before you’ve seen M Night Shayamalan’s debut, kill ’em! It’ll be one more dead person for Haley Joel Osment to communicate with...

Early Shayamalan Short Film

Go to the second page of ‘Bonus Material’; highlight ‘Filmmaker And Cast Bios’; press the DOWN ARROW to highlight the box; press ENTER to see M Night introduce a clip from the first horror movie he ever made (aged 11).

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