Reggie on Halo 3: "What's new?"

Oct 1, 2007

Halo 3 software will certainly sell plenty, but it won't necessarily sell consoles for Microsoft, says a confident Reggie Fils-Aime, who asks: "Tell me what's new?"

Halo 3 has been hyped as one of the biggest game releases of all time, but Reggie remains confident that it won't effect Nintendo's position in the console war.

"Will they sell a lot of software? Certainly. Will it sell hardware? I think it's an open question," Reggie commented, going on to explain: "I think that the Halo 3 consumer already has the hardware, because they're playing Bioshock and Crackdown and a variety of games that are, in the end, quite similar: first-person shooter experience, multiplayer capable online. Tell me what's new?"

He goes on to say that Nintendo has no need to counter the launch of Halo 3 in any way. "I am fortunate to have a series of (games) that are all going to drive substantial sales for me and are all targeted to different parts of the consumer mix," he toldMercury News.

Courtesy of CVG.