Redfall Underboss Skulls: What they are and where to get them

Redfall Underboss Skulls
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Redfall Underboss Skulls are one of the stranger currencies in Arkane's latest title, but do feel appropriate to its vampiric theme. These undead heads are essentially keys to opening specific doors to fight the Vampire Gods placing on random altars you'll find scattered throughout Redfall. These can earn you additional Redfall outfit items like hats and backpacks too. So here's how to get Underboss Skulls in Redfall.

How to get Redfall Underboss skulls

Redfall Underboss Skulls

(Image credit: Bethesda)

There is one Underboss Skull to be found per district. They're linked to finding Safe Houses, which can be done simply by exploring each district and will probably see you learning how to clear red mist in Redfall as you go. Once you've unlocked them, each one provides two Safehouse Missions. The first is more of a quest or challenge and then once you've ticked that off, you can take on The Vampire Underboss. 

These are slightly higher-difficulty vampires that are named bosses. The mission will guide you to them, and then it's just a case of taking them down. Defeating them will cause the Underboss Skull to appear on the ground atop a pile of "Vampire Remains". Collect this and then you can use it to open doors or collect loot. 

Some doors will require three Underboss Skulls to open so start stocking up as soon as you can! Once you've opened the Safe House though, you can do these Vampire Underboss missions whenever you're ready - as long as you've completed the initial Safehouse Mission first.

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