How to clear the red mist in Redfall

Clearing the Red Mist in Redfall
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If you're wondering how to clear the red mist in Redfall, don't fret. Although it's a prevalent feature in Arkane's vampiric world, the game doesn't do that well to explain exactly how to get rid of it. The minute you step anywhere near it, it'll start zapping your health, so it's better to be culling it than trying to avoid it. 

Thankfully though there are two options for clearing the Redfall red mist infestation. One involves using a weapon called the Portable UV Beam, while the other requires scouting the world for a light to turn on to clear the mist that way.

1. Use your Portable UV Beam

Clearing the Red Mist in Redfall

(Image credit: Bethesda)

One of the main weapon types in Redfall is the Portable UV Beam and it'a really handy tool to have in your arsenal. It's capable of turning vampires to stone temporarily so you can smash them to bits with gunfire or a melee attack. 

This is exactly what you need to do to clear the red mist in Redfall. Somewhere in the middle of all that deadly red stuff is a little gargoyle-esque vampire that'll need to be blasted with your Portable UV Beam. Point your laser at it and wait until it's turned to stone. You'll know when that happens as the red mist will disappear, giving you a small window to destroy it entirely. 

Sometimes these red mist devils will be fairly well-hidden inside the mist, so just make sure you have a good look round before wading in for a better look. 

2. Find a nearby UV light

Clearing the Red Mist in Redfall

(Image credit: Bethesda)

If you don't have a Portable UV Beam or it's run out of ammo, there are usually these little UV lights nearby that you can turn on to clear the red mist for you. It'll do the same as your UV blaster, turning the vampire to stone so you can destroy it. 

However, these lights aren't everywhere so it's not a guaranteed alternative for every patch of red mist you come across in Redfall. 

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