Red Mist review

Also known as Freakdog. Also known is not very good.

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Beep, beep, wooooooo…: this moronic medical horror's so awful, you'll be willing yourself to flatline.

After her obnoxious med student mates leave an autistic janitor in a coma, The Uninvited’s Arielle Kebbel tries to resuscitate him in a highly dubious drug trial.

Suddenly he's having out-of-body experiences and murdering the over-privileged House, M.D. rejects who fucked him up.

Director Paddy Breathnach (Shrooms) apparently rented Ozploitation fave Patrick one too many times then rehashed it as a bargain-basement slasher full of cruddy production design and dim dialogue.

The result gives new meaning to the term 'persistent vegetative state'.

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