Red Dead Redemption’s Legends and Killers DLC pack confirmed for Aug. 10th with new screenshots

Any new Red Dead Redemption news is good news, right? Good ! Gladyou’re in agreement, ‘cause outside of these new screenshots there’s not a lot to say… except this little detail: AUGUST 10th! Yes sir, right before we put a fork in the summer and head back to our non-gaming drudgery, Rockstar’s opening up the Old West for another go ‘round with its Legends and Killers DLC pack for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

Above: Buffalo Soldier, Mr. Kelley and Shadow Wolf get resurrected into Red Dead Redemption on August 10th

$9.99 (800MS) is your price of admission to nine new multiplayer map locations, the scalp-tastic Tomahawk projectile weapon, eight playable characters from Red Dead Revolver, and new Achievements and Trophies.Click hereto see morenew pics.

More importantly, Legends and Killers hits consoles right before GamesRadar holds its own last hurrah of the season with our2nd Annual 24 Hour Gaming Marathon On August 20th.

Starting at 5pm Friday we’ll be kicking your ass until the 5pm Saturday, and from 7pm to 9pm we’ll playingRed Dead Redemption exclusively. So we gotta ask: How many of you are picking up the Legends and Killers pack?

Are you buying the Legends and Killers DLC?
Maybe, if only for GR's 24 Hour Marathon free polls

Seriously, letting us know will help us better prepare for your inevitable public humiliation. So please vote, and we’ll see you on August 20th!

Aug 3, 2010