Razer unveils new Meta Quest 2 accessories at CES 2023

Razer Meta Quest 2 accessories
(Image credit: Razer)

The Meta Quest 2 remains perennially popular, and now Razer wants a piece of the VR pie. The PC accessories brand announced two Meta Quest 2 accessories at CES 2023; the Razer Adjustable Head Strap System and Razer Facial Interface, both launching in the US over the course of Q1 and retailing at a $69.99 MSRP. The headstrap and face plate combo promise extra comfort and hygiene to elongate your virtual reality sessions. 

Razer Adjustable head strap

(Image credit: Razer)

The Adjustable Head Strap System has been developed using high performance nylon for both comfort and lasting durability, with a weighting system that Razer suggests will offer more balance during those more frantic gameplay moments. The brand has also stated that the strap will sit comfortably on all head shapes, thanks to the highly customizable design. It certainly looks like a chunkier piece of kit than Meta's own Quest 2 Elite headstrap, but there's no additional battery packs or audio solutions involved. The additional $10 spent over the official gear (the Elite is $59.99), then, is placed into an extra focus on comfort and balance.

Razer Facial Interface

(Image credit: Razer)

$69.99 isn't too bad for a luxury peripheral, but the same price also applies to what Razer calls its 'Facial Interface'. This is a faceplate for the Quest 2 system, sitting between the eyes and the device to block light (while still providing ventilation) and provide a softer surface for your face. Razer's packed medical-grade hypoallergenic materials into the pressure-relieving plate, so time will tell as to whether this is truly the silver bullet to discomfort that the $69.99 price tag suggests. As it stands, it's a considerable additional cost on top of the $20 - $30 plates on offer from Meta and third parties.

We're still waiting on an official release date for both Razer Meta Quest 2 accessories, but keep a close eye out over the next few weeks as this is a Q1 affair for the US (other territories are due to follow).

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