Razer unleashes a wireless triumvirate with new spins on the BlackShark, DeathAdder, and BlackWidow

Razer unleashes a wireless triumvirate with new spins on the BlackShark, DeathAdder, and BlackWidow
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Razer has announced the release of a wireless triumvirate (a headset, mouse, and keyboard), enabling some of its top peripherals to shirk the ball and chain of wired connections. Yes, you'll have to charge them occasionally, but these three accessories are potentially the start of a bold new wave of wireless tech from the hardware behemoth.

The wireless trio is made up of the BlackShark V2 Pro gaming headset, the DeathAdder V2 Pro (likely to be a strong contender for best gaming mouse), and the BlackWidow V3 Pro keyboard. This represents leaders in all of Razer's 'main' PC gaming peripheral fields all going wireless, shaking the restrictions of cables and going under the Wireless Flagships moniker. 

All sporting Razer's HyperSpeed wireless connection, the premise is that latency is fast becoming a non-issue in wireless gaming peripherals, particularly with advances in tech. That makes sense given the reputation that all of these peripherals have; the BlackShark recently made a triumphant return, for example. As we mentioned in our Razer BlackShark V2 review, the addition of brand-new tech elevates it far above expectations. As for the Razer DeathAdder V2, it was already a superb upgrade - and adding the option of wireless only improves it further.

Given the popularity of their wired namesakes, these three peripherals are primed to take the gaming peripheral world by storm this fall. Given the greater demand in recent years - something we predict will surely grow further still as time goes on - players will be searching for quality ways to ditch the wires. These three are offering a good solution.

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro

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The wired BlackShark V2 came along this summer and made an excellent addition to the already quality range of Razer headsets you can get. You can read more on what I thought of the headset's glorious return in our full BlackShark V2 review. In short, though, the new microphone is excellent, the sound-quality with the brand new Titanium drivers is exquisite, and the fit and design are great. 

I've had some time with the BlackShark V2 Pro specifically, and it's all kinds of good which bodes well for the new HyperSpeed wireless revolution in terms of latency - or lack thereof. The battery life is allegedly a whole 24 hours which is strong if true (I haven't had to charge it once since getting it), and the range is solid too at 12m - something I've checked by frequenting the kitchen and garden that are well away from my desk.

But, it's not just about going wireless; there are new features here too. A brand new, additional speaker chamber enables the BlackShark V2 Pro to deliver even better audio than its wired counterpart, and the new mic and housing makes your voice clearer. Even after my short-ish time with the headset, I can already say it's one of the best wireless gaming headsets around. The price increase from the wired variant is somewhat considerable, for sure, but if you want premium gaming audio that loses the wires, then this is for you, and we've got a breakdown of each one below along with the prices they are going for and where you can get them.

Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro

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The DeathAdder V2 is not only the premier Razer mouse but also the leading gaming mouse in the industry with more than 10 million units sold. And this is for good reason. It has what is arguably the best ergonomic shape, the best sensor, and the perfect balance of responsive buttons, sheer speed and quality, and customisable options. And now it's wireless. 

Shirking the cable of such a premium bit of kit doesn't mean compromising though, and the DeathAdder V2 Pro will maintain a reliable level of performance wirelessly. Like, really reliable. On normal Bluetooth, the battery life is supposed to smash through the three-figure hour mark by going to 120 hours, and 70 hours with super low-latency Razer HyperSpeed connection. And if you really want the best of both worlds, it can be plugged in with a cable too (it'll charge while being used which is a good bonus).

Elsewhere, there are Razer's newly upgraded 2nd-gen Optical Mouse Switches, the same ergonomic shell, side grips which are injection-molded (i.e. not stuck on to the mouse) and a Razer Focus+ 20K DPI Optical Sensor. Nice. Again, early signs are impressive and the mice on our best wireless gaming mouse list should be worried.

Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro

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This is the first-ever Razer wireless gaming keyboard. Who'd have thunk it, eh? And what a one to make, expanding the BlackWidow family further with a HyperSpeed-powered wireless beast that'll last you up to 200 hours. Considering how good the likes of the Razer BlackWidow Elite were, we have high hopes.

This upgrade features improved Razer Mechanical Switches, and those are of the Razer Yellow variety - e.g., they offer a quieter action due to silicon sound dampeners incorporated into every key. In addition, doubleshot ABS keycaps provide superior feel and longevity, while a USB-C connection as well in case you aren't ready to let go of the wires just yet.

Despite being wireless, the BlackWidows' heritage as one of the best gaming keyboards means this has a well-earned and undeniable pedigree.

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