Razer Strider Chroma review: "there’s something to love about this pad for everyone"

If you're after something reliable, colorful and high quality then this is the gaming mouse pad for you

Razer Strider Chroma
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GamesRadar+ Verdict

If you're after something good quality and reliable from the likes of Razer then this is the mousepad for you.


  • +

    High-quality texture

  • +

    Great diffused RGB lighting

  • +

    Easy to clean


  • -

    Thin material

  • -

    High price point

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For those looking to upgrade their gaming performance, the newest addition to the Razer mousepad family, the Razer Strider Chroma is one of the best mousepads for gaming when it comes to reliability and aesthetics. With a $129.99/£129.99 price point, you can be sure you’re receiving the high quality you’d expect from a Razer product.

Through testing this mousepad with a wide array of some of the best gaming mice, I’m certain there’s something to love about this pad for everyone, especially those aiming for a simplistic setup with splashes of vibrant color.

Razer Strider Chroma

(Image credit: Future)


The Razer Strider Chroma features a sleek black material with minimalistic branding, which in contrast with some of our best mousepads we’ve previously reviewed, allows it to blend in with a wide range of setups. Unfortunately, we are yet to see if Razer will be releasing a Quartz version of this, as they did with the Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma.

The Strider Chroma comes strictly in one size, which is a very accommodating 900mm x 400mm x 2mm - suiting the majority of users looking for a desktop-sized mousepad. So if you’re looking for something smaller or have a specific sized desk you want to cover then this one may not be the one for you.

Razer Strider Chroma

(Image credit: Future)

Features and performance

The highlight of this mousepad is the beautiful diffused RGB border, which is controlled by Razers own Synapse software, allowing for modification of 19 separate RGB segments with 11 factory effects for extensive customisation options. The array of colors contrasting the minimal fabric provides a superior aesthetic when compared to other top mousepads.

As stated by Razer, the Strider Chroma features a hybrid soft/hard material. This material aides in providing a frictionless surface for mice to glide along but has the adverse effect of feeling less flexible than other mousepads with similar thickness. In comparison, the Steelseries QCK line of mousepads with the highest depth being 3mm, 1mm lower than the Strider Chroma, felt more flexible and comforting to my Claw-grip style.

Alongside the hybrid upper material, the base of the mousepad is micro-texture rubberised to prevent slipping on a wide range of surfaces. This was extremely useful as my hard-plastic desktop can often struggle with slipping with regular mousepads.

When gaming, the Strider Chroma allowed me to perform at a high level of play with little to no drag being felt which can be attributed to the hybrid material. Additionally, the Synapse software supported several games tested, and adapted the mousepad colors automatically. While confusing at first, this was a feature I found myself tweaking to provide a more immersive experience.

Razer Strider Chroma

(Image credit: Future)

Should you buy the Razer Strider Chroma?

Overall, the Razer Strider Chroma is a great addition to any setup, and with the array of RGB customisation options combined with the reliable material quality, it provides a luxury look and feel which sets it apart from competitors.

Different from others in its family, this mousepads minimal design suits any desktop, so if you have the cash to splash on a premium mousepad, then you should definitely be keeping an eye on the Strider Chroma. 

The only reason this product isn't receiving full stars is that it's at quite a high price point when compared to high-quality alternatives such as the SteelSeries QcK, which comes in at around $99.99 / £99.99 for the largest-sized RGB mouse pad. 

How we tested the Razer Strider Chroma?

I tested the Razer Strider Chroma by replacing my current mouse pad and using it as I usually would use my mouse mat. I gamed on it, I worked from home using it. I used a wide range of gaming mice with it to see if I could notice any differences between them.

I played many game genres to see how it would stack up, and if it was noticeably different when doing this. 

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