Ray Stevenson talks Punisher: War Zone

The new outing for Marvel’s vigilante hero the Punisher (War Zone) has been having a bit of a rocky time recently, with one of the film’s former screenwriters giving it a beating and rumours of problems with the movie’s cut.

But now star Ray Stevenson (best known for his turn in Rome) has been talking to IGN and he seems confident it’ll all turn out fine. ‘Course, he’s the leading man and he’s supposed to say that, but we’re a little more hopeful. “We're going exclusively for the MAX series with Garth Ennis writing and Tim Bradstreet doing the cover illustrations,” Stevenson told the website. “That was the look – the New York, night-time predator, with all the incredible, dark psyche that goes along with him. Certainly not a superhero, but an anti-hero.”

Source: ( IGN )