Ratchet on PS3!

Ratchet & Clank will be returning for an outing on PS3, Sony revealed at the Game Developers Conference in California. In among the fistful of first-party software demos (including WarHawk and MotorStorm) at GDC, the president of Insomniac Games, Ted Price, presented teaser footage of the next-gen Ratchet & Clank.

Little was shown outside of some impressive environmental detail, but the prospect of a new R&C is enough to keep us warm and soft on the inside. The Ratchet games have been one of the most reliably intense blasts to be had on PS2, so we're trusting Insomniac to produce something truly special.

Insomniac is also working on PS3 shooter Resistance: The Fall of Man, formerly known as I-8, which is mooted for release towards the end of the year. We wouldn't be surprised if it makes launch...