Rarest (and most valuable) collector's edition video games

Mass Effect Limited Collector's Edition

Sealed - $350
Open - $84

Holy Toledo! That's quite a pretty penny to be paying for a game that you can buy for a measly $17.50. At the ripe age of six years old, this is still the most valuable Mass Effect limited edition out there, with the pitiable Mass Effect 3 collector's edition currently hovering below the standard launch price of $60. The original limited edition came with a DVD full of behind-the-scenes featurettes, an art book, and a supplementary lore booklet that acted as a Galactic Codex handbook. At your discretion, please insert obligatory "Collectors" joke here.

Halo 3 Legendary Edition

Sealed - $250
Open - $43

Remember when everyone saw the Master Chief Mark VI helmet that came in this collector's edition and went bananas? Then you opened it up, realized that it would never fit on a human head, and threw it to the ground, cursing that it had no right to be a helmet. Despite being the source of so much bitter disappointment, this collector's edition is still worth a hefty sum. In addition to the faux headgear, you also get a fancy stand and a bonus DVD, with all the cinematics from the previous games linked into one mega-cutscene.

Record of Agarest War The Really Naughty Limited Edition

Sealed - $140
Open - $80

If you've ever wanted to make any of the female leads in this tactical JRPG into your new waifu, this collector's edition is probably your best bet. It starts with the packaging, which, straight-up, has two half-naked anime girls staring at you. Inside, you'll find the game, a pillowcase (not body pillow-sized, strangely) of heroine Ellis, the soundtrack, and a "Sensual 3D Vira-Lorr mouse pad." What does that mean? It means that every time youre at your computer, your wrist will be supported by soft, supple padding formed in the shape of Vira-Lorr's breasts. GamesRadar's own Henry Gilbert has one smack dab on his work desk, and swears it's the most comfortable mouse pad money can buy.

Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence Limited Edition

Sealed - $225
Open - $62

Sometimes, one disc makes all the difference. In terms of tangible extras, there's barely anything to grab hold of in this collector's edition of the already rare Metal Gear Solid 3 re-release. No toys, knives, art books, or tins of snake meat to speak of. But diehard MGS fans know full well the value that's imbued into this limited edition's third disc, included exclusively with pre-orders. On it, you'll find a supercut of all the game's cutscenes, edited in such a way as to make a MGS3 movie. As if the original cutscenes weren't long enough.

Resident Evil 4 Premium Edition

Sealed - $200
Open - $10

Wondering if we forgot an extra zero on that ridiculously low "Open" price? Nope--that's just how things panned out for this collector's edition in the aftermarket, where complete sets are incredibly difficult to find. Oh sure, you get the PS2 version of the survival horror shooter in a tin case, plus an art book and a making-of DVD. But what people really want is the Ada Wong art cel that was included in the bundle--a piece of swag that seems to have mysteriously gone missing in most used listings. Just more proof that Ada fandom runs deep in RE fans.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm: Limited Edition

Sealed - $170
Open - $26

Trust your instincts. The next time your gut tells you to pick up a collector's edition while you still can--especially if it costs a mere $10 more than the standard version--do it. In the case of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, that additional value rose exponentially once the limited supplies ran out. Bonuses packed in with the cel-shaded, open-world brawler (itself in a steel game case) included the soundtrack, some trading cards, and a sleek art cel depicting a raging battle between Naruto and Sasuke. Just like Resident Evil 4 Premium Edition, it's the art cel that drives most of the aftermarket value.

BioShock Limited Edition

Sealed - $650
Open - $180

Somewhere, beyond the sea, an auctioneer stands in golden sands, gleeful at the exorbitant prices he or she can charge you for this 2007 rarity. By the time it came out, the BioShock hype train had built up full steam, and this limited edition gave collectors exactly what they wanted: a hefty, hand-finished Big Daddy figurine. Once you were done gawking at the resin behemoth, you could also enjoy a making-of DVD and a three-track, 1950s-meets-Moby-remixes EP. Make sure you do your research before you buy--there seem to be quite a few special edition BioShock bundles floating around, each with slightly different content. Alternatively, you could just buy one of the similarly pricey NECA toys and call it a day.

Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition

Sealed - $200
Open - $80

If you're a Mortal Kombat veteran, then you're well aware of the arcade cabinet's wacky, five-buttons-in-the-shape-of-an-X control layout. Problem is, not too many retail arcade sticks offers this bizarre layout by default. The solution: this nifty Tournament Edition, which comes packed with a joystick custom-made for MK dominance. It's got everything your hands are used to, with a bat-top, American-style stick and chunky concave buttons. Even crazier is how the joystick opens up, revealing the game and some DLC vouchers. We're not sure how practical it is, but imagine stashing a sandwich in that compartment, then opening up your joystick for lunch in the middle of a match.

Space Channel 5 Part 2 Limited Edition

Sealed - $530
Open - $200

As if finding a Japanese import copy of Space Channel 5 Part 2 wasn't difficult enough. This limited edition was never released in the states, turning what was already an obscure collectible into an extreme rarity. The pack-ins aren't even that mind-blowing: some headphones and a plain gray carrying case. But those silver headphones look like they would go perfectly with a chrome Space Michael jumpsuit. Ulala would be proud.

Aliens vs. Predator Hunter Edition

Sealed - $170
Open - $100

Ever wished you had a life-sized facehugger you could wrap around your skull, facilitating horrific pranks on your friends and/or loved ones? You've come to the right collector's edition! Alongside this grisly sci-fi FPS, the Hunter Edition includes a graphic novel, a gorgeous steel case, some DLC maps, a Weyland-Yutani Corp patch, and, in the spirit of the '90s, a lenticular holographic card. But the grotesque icing on the cake is the articulated facehugger replica, which looks disturbingly real at a glance. Just looking at it is making our oral orifice feel violated.

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