Rare pays tribute to late Sea of Thieves developer with The Legend of Glitterbeard quest

Sea of Thieves
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Sea of Thieves has a new quest paying tribute to a developer who worked on the game but sadly passed away in March of 2020.

The new storyline is called The Legend of Glitterbeard Quest, and it honors a developer named James White, who worked as an apprentice data analyst on Sea of Thieves until his untimely passing. Rare's Alex Hunnisett describes James as "exceptionally bright and friendly," and "a gentle giant with a warm hearty laugh, down-to-earth demeanour and an epic beard that would make even the greatest pirate glow with pride."

"As we approach the anniversary of his passing, we will be introducing the result of that work, The Legend of Glitterbeard, to the game. We hope that it captures Jim's spirit, that of a man whose stature was only ever dwarfed by his kindness and compassion," Hunnisett writes.

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Out of respect for James' memory and the folks at Rare, I won't be revealing anything about the storyline itself, beyond what Rare itself described in the announcement of The Legend of Glitterbeard Quest. I can say first-hand that the start of the quest is relatively easy to find and very much worth your time.

"When we lost Jim in March, as a studio and a family we were heartbroken. But we were also resolute that we would see Jim remembered not just in our hearts, but in the game he worked so hard to make special – a haven for everyone who discovered it."

The Legend of Glitterbeard sails

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Starting The Legend of Glitterbeard storyline rewards you with the above sails, which glow beautifully at night.

"We've shaped this one-off storyline in memory of someone we miss, placing him in the world forever as the larger-than-life Glitterbeard, selfless guide to the players who follow in his wake. Should you discover the scattered chronicles of his adventures, they – and the huge heart behind them – are something we hope you enjoy sharing with friends, family, crewmates and other voyagers you meet on the seas."

For the developers at Rare, Sea of Thieves' third anniversary is surely a bittersweet occasion, as it coincides with the first anniversary of James' passing. Hopefully, James' friends and family can take some small solace in the fact that his work, and now this lovely tribute, are being enjoyed by more players than ever.

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