Rapper Bow Wow loses $100,000 in insane Madden bet, wisely places another compulsive wager

The artist formerly known as Lil' Bow Wow may have been a successful child rapper but he ain't got game. Apparently he learned nothing after he entered a high-stakes competition of Madden NFL and lost.

In an interview on the late night talk show that no one watches, George Lopez Tonight, the incredible child prodigy didn’t confess he has a gambling problem, but we’re thinking he might need a second opinion (as in, one other than his own). Apparently, his worst setback was when he bet an amount of money that most Americans have never even seen in their bank accounts.

"He beat me, and I had to pay him $100,000" said Bow Wow, referring a Madden match between him and rapper The Game, which we can only assume was alcohol-induced. And apparently it wasn't even a close match. "He beat me kinda bad," added a sheepish Bow Wow.

Above: Ah, to be young and foolish again. So very, very, very foolish

Everyone can be a bit foolhardy with money – and gamer pride – at times. Your humble author once lost his Xbox 360 to a Wii Bowling hustler. True story (damn you, Will, if you're reading this!). But can Bow Wow really have THAT much money to burn? Did “Like Mike” become the highest-grossing movie of the century when we weren’t looking? Was his latest movie, “Lottery Ticket”, actually a true story?

Later on in the interview, Lopez actually challenged Bow Wow to another bet - $25,000 over whether or not LeBron James's team the Miami Heat will win a basketball game on Christmas Day. We would make some joke about him clearly not learning his lesson, but we’re still snickering over the ironic beauty of the fact that Bow Wow got pwned by someone literally named “The Game”. You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Aug 19, 2010