Rainbow Six Vegas demo storms OXM

Sure, we've played Rainbow Six Vegas, but what about you, the long-suffering video game aficionado? Well, our sister magazine Official Xbox Magazine has heard your plaintive cries and will ship to newsstands with a single-player demo of the Sin City shooter. Scheduled for the December issue (which drops on October 24), you'll be able to run with Team Rainbow through a single-player level, complete with gorgeously rendered cutscenes.

The level featured in the demo is the fabled Dante's Casino level that we saw and previewed a couple of weeks ago. In this level, you'll get to try out most of Team Rainbow's new tricks like inverse rappelling and marking targets with the snake cam. Be warned, however, you'll need to employ the official Observe, Plan and Assault rules of engagement the game is built from in order to succeed. If you go in guns ablazin', you'll find that you and your team will end up messy red puddles on the floor of the casino.

October 5, 2006