Rainbow Six 4: First look

Ding Chaves, legendary leader of the Rainbow Six and the only onomatopoeically named person we can think of (apart from Bing Crosby) is back. OK, so his game doesn't have a proper name yet but it does have a movie and lots of secret shots.

Referred to as "the next Rainbow Six instalment" by publishers Ubi Soft, this fourth segment in the series promises to push the game into darker territory with a story based on personal vengeance as well as stealth-based team-play.

You'll be able to pick up the paperback-thin plot from watching the movie but what you won't know is that this time the entire game isn't dedicated to the man they call Ding. Nope, this time you will get to position yourself behind the sniper scope of Dieter Webber and pick off your foes, Lee Harvey Oswald style.

Ten other operatives specialising in recon, electronics and demolition can also be added to your three-man team and they're equipped with enough gadgets to make the Innovations catalogue blush. And with the promise of exclusive multiplayer modes for PS2 and Xbox along with enhanced AI and ragdoll deaths, there is every reason to investigate this nameless game with a few well-aimed clicks.

The new Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six will be parachuted on to PC, PS2 and Xbox in spring 2005