Rainbow? 450? This Stranger Things season 2 Eleven promo is bizarre, even by the show’s standards

Good luck trying to figure out the secrets behind this Stranger Things season 2 promo. Eleven is the focus of it… and that’s all I can pretty much tell you. If decrypting seemingly unrelated images are your thing then, hey, knock yourself out. And if you haven’t seen it yet – watch it now. Trust me, it’s weird.

The promo – titled Nosebleed – stars various closeups of Eleven intercut with her time with Dr. Brenner at Hawkins National Laboratory. And then it goes all Lost and starts chucking in numbers and random images. Roll call: There’s 450, three to the right, four to the left, and a bunch of rainbows and sunflowers. Oh, and Eleven’s bloodied nose.

So, what does it all mean? For one thing, 450 is the road leading out of Hawkins, Indiana that Hopper and Joyce took when looking for Will in the first season. Pretty neat, right? As for the arrows? Umm. Pass.

But there’s the possibility that everything Eleven says could be to throw us off our tracks because there’s something – or rather someone - hidden in plain sight. Tin foil hat time: just who is this woman?

She’s shown a handful of times throughout the 30 seconds and, as far as I know, hasn’t cropped up in Stranger Things before. Is she Eleven’s mother? Ten? Another test subject entirely? She is, crucially, upside down. It could just be nothing *removes tin foil hat* but… you never know with this show.

Do you have any theories? Let us know in the comments!

Image: Netflix

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