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RadioRadar Podcast 012: Time to Assassinate Medal of Honor

This week we go over some of the biggest reviews of the week (here's the Assassin's Creed III review to get you started) and talk about the gaming urban legends that creeped us out the most. Seriously, this is a spooky episode you guys. You're done gonna get spooked.

This Week's Hosts: Hollander Cooper, Henry Gilbert, Ryan Taljonick, and Tom Magrino

The Deets

Post date: November 02, 2012
Intro song by: Danny Baranowsky
The Question of the Week: Have you ever been scared by a game? Enter to win either WWE 13 (PS3), Pid (for Steam or XBL), or a copy of the Killzone Trilogy (PS3)--your choice!

We also had three awesome entries in our art contest from last week. If your picture is here, email us and we'll hook you up with some sort of prize. Take a look:

Artist: Jack Taylor

Artist: codystovall (Sorry we missed it! We

Artist: Joey Martin

Artist: Shnazzyone