RadarPlays - Space Funeral

Does strangeness need a reason? Space Funeral is an RPG experience that’s beyond bizarre, where nothing can prepare you for what you’re about to see. Things like having a casual chat with a beheaded man, spontaneously barfing up blood, or buying a boat ticket from Lucy van Pelt of Peanuts infamy. Lucas, Tom, and Sophia turn and face the strange in this week’s RadarPlays Freaky; let’s hope their sanity stays intact as they lead their miserable protagonist to victory. Watch the video below, then download Space Funeral and experience the madness for yourself!

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Lucas Sullivan

Lucas Sullivan is the former US Managing Editor of GamesRadar+. Lucas spent seven years working for GR, starting as an Associate Editor in 2012 before climbing the ranks. He left us in 2019 to pursue a career path on the other side of the fence, joining 2K Games as a Global Content Manager. Lucas doesn't get to write about games like Borderlands and Mafia anymore, but he does get to help make and market them.