Race Driver DS course editor video

Race Driver: Create %26amp; Race looks and plays really well, but what are particularly interesting are its many customisation options, including a touch-screen course editor.

We expected a simple tool to give you about as much artistic freedom as Rolf Harris in a straight jacket, but it's actually incredibly flexible. You put together a course first, which can have hills, dips, and cross-over sections using either template course pieces or drawing freely on the touch screen.

You then adorn your course with trees, buildings, car parks, rivers, lakes, hills and all sorts of other scenery.

You could probably replicate any real-life course you want if you have the skills. Of course it also means you can build a course in the shape of a knob, which you will do, won't you?

Race Driver is out on DS on September 25 (US) and September 28 (UK). Take a look at the trailer below.

Courtesy of CVG.