Journey to the Savage Planet devs reunite under a newly-founded studio

Journey to the Savage Planet
(Image credit: Typhoon Studios)

Raccoon Logic is a new studio founded by EA, Ubisoft, and Typhoon Studios veterans, and they've secured the rights to Journey to the Savage Planet.

Earlier today on August 11, the founding of Raccoon Logic as a brand new game development studio in Montreal was announced through a press release. Right from the jump, Raccoon Logic revealed that they'd managed to retain the IP to Journey to the Savage Planet from Google, although it's not clear at the current time if they're set on continuing development of the original game.

Additionally, Raccoon Studios is retaining "core talent" from Typhoon Studios, the original developers of Journey to the Savage Planet, which was unfortunately shuttered by Google earlier this year when they closed all first-party development studios. Included in this roster are Alex Hutchinson as creative director, Reid Schneider as studio head, Yannick Simard as CTO, Erick Bilodeau as art director, and Marc-Antoine Lussier as technical design director.

Raccoon Logic has been assembled using a "pivotal investment" from Chinese tech firm Tencent, who you'll no doubt recognise as being associated with countless other developers, including Epic Games, Riot Games, Dontnod Entertainment, and many others.

Using this investment, Raccoon Logic can hit the ground running on developing their next venture, whatever that may be, before they even begin talking to publishers about deals. The announcement rounds out with a promise of more to come from Raccoon Logic's "debut projects" in the months ahead.

For our complete writeup on the original game from Typhoon Studios last year, head over to our Journey to the Savage Planet review for more.

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