Quiz: Do you remember how these Walking Dead characters died? *sob*


As its name implies, The Walking Dead is a show filled to the blood-soaked brim with death. Lots and lots of death. And I'm not just talking about the zombies either. Over its seven season run, the showrunners haven't been afraid to kill off dozens off major characters, and the long list of the zombie apocalypse's victims will only continue to grow now that season 8 is finally here. 

If you're someone who's been with the show for all 100 episodes so far, why not take a trip down memory lane with our quiz below, which tests how much you really know about the fate of some of your favourite (or least favourite) characters who bit the bullet in seasons past. Try not to get too teary eyed, I'm sure they're in a better place (well, maybe not the Governor...). 

If you managed to get all ten questions correct, congrats! Consider yourself a Walking Dead superstar. If not, you've just earned yourself an excuse to binge watch the entire show all over again... congrats! 

Alternatively, you can also catch up on The Walking Dead season 7 with our ultimate recap video, which is the perfect opportunity to remind yourself where Rick and the gang are at before you watch the season 8 premiere.