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Quick! Get the Xbox One Elite Bundle for an incredible £199.99 while stocks last

Update: The Elite bundle has now sold out. There is still stock of the Halo bundle  and the Forza Motorsport 6 bundle.

Ok, this is just ridiculous. As part of its sale, the Microsoft Store has slashed the price of the Xbox One Elite bundle to £199.99. This comes complete with the slick and customisable Xbox One Elite Controller and 1TB SSD hybrid drive. Given that the controller itself is normally £129.99, this price for the full setup is astonishing. It even comes with a free 14 day trial of Xbox Live Gold. 

And that's not the only deal on offer. In two sure to sell out bargains, both the Xbox One Limited Edition Halo 5 Guardians bundle and the Forza Motorsport 6 bundle are both reduced to £199.99. Both of these have a 1TB hard drive (not hybrid like the Elite), a custom controller and a copy of their respective game. The Halo 5 Guardians Bundle also comes with a Guardian model and exclusive Warzone REQ DLC. Expect these to sell out fast. 

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