Quake moves when you do in SUPERQOT

SUPERHOT has the kind of fresh approach to a familiar concept that makes you want to just bolt it onto every game ever: time only moves when you do, turning frantic shootouts into graceful positional puzzlers. The best part is that it totally works, as SUPERHOT's developers have proven by adding their time-shifting mechanics and minimalist art style to the mother of all 3D shooters, Quake.

"SUPERQOT" sounds like an April Fools' Day prank, but it's actually more of an April Fools Day gift to all mankind, because it's real, and it's free. You can head over to the official website and download a PC or Mac version right this second. Since it's built from modern preservation efforts for id Software's classic shooter, you should be launching slow-motion rockets at sword-wielding freaks within minutes.

SUPERQOT is a total conversion, meaning you can slo-mo-tiptoe through the entire campaign if you want. Granted, it's a bit tougher to tell where all the doors and ammo pick-ups are when everything is either stark white or neon red, but it's still totally playable and super cool, er, hot.

SUPERHOT began as a 7 Day First Person Shooter challenge project in 2013, after which a $250,000 Kickstarter campaign allowed the team to turn the concept into a fully fledged production. It's planned for release in June.

Connor Sheridan

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